The Best Home EV Chargers in Ireland

In this blog post, we will discuss the best home EV chargers in Ireland and provide you with a guide on how to choose the right one for your needs. We'll also provide you with some tips on how to install and use your home EV Charger safely and efficiently.

The Best Home EV Chargers in Ireland [Guide to Buying an Electric Vehicle Charger]

If you're buying an EV charger for your home, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss the best home EV chargers in Ireland and provide you with a guide on how to choose the right one for your needs. We'll also provide you with some tips on how to install and use your home EV Charger safely and efficiently. Choosing a charging device could be as difficult as finding the best electric vehicle with the numerous options available now. So, we've written a guide on how to choose the best home EV charger fit for your needs.

What Makes a Good Ev Charger and What to Look for When Buying One?

  • Cost

There are many different home EV chargers in Ireland to select from that cost between €200 to more than €1,000. For the majority of people, the cost is the most important factor when purchasing an electric vehicle charger. With the vast array of products available on the marketplace today, you can discover an electric house charger within your budget.

Although price is an important aspect, don't select a gadget based on whether it's the least expensive when buying an EV charger. You should put more emphasis on the overall quality. You've likely spent a lot of money on your new electric vehicle. what's the point of buying an EV charger that is inexpensive if it's not functioning effectively or lasts for a long time?

  • Plug-in or hardwired

Home EV chargers in Ireland are offered either plug-in or hardwired. Plug-in models allow the option of taking the charger off to put it in a different place or returning it to get a new one if you ever encounter an issue. Chargers with a hardwire are permanently attached to the wall and will require an electrician to disengage and take them off.

  • Longest Cable

Home EV chargers in Ireland come with cables that can be as small as 12 feet and as long as 25 feet. When buying an EV charger, pick one that comes with an extension cable that is long enough to connect to the charging port on your car from any location you want to park it. Make sure you have a cable that is at least 20 feet long.

  • Smart or Dumb

Smart Home EV chargers in Ireland come with apps that allow owners to perform tasks. These tasks are reviewing charging sessions and monitoring in real-time, starting/stopping a charging session, planning charge sessions, creating reminders to connect or disconnect the charger, and more.

The Dumb chargers cannot do anything other than charging your vehicle,  and that's all people who own electric vehicles need to do with their charging. They will shut off when the battery is fully charged.

The Home EV chargers in Ireland that are WiFi-connected feature more sophisticated display options onboard as opposed to regular chargers, which have only the indicator lights that indicate the charging status.

These are, in essence, additional features that are nice to include. You can purchase an advanced charger if are looking for the process of charging an electric vehicle even more comfortable. When buying an EV charger, keep in mind that the best home car chargers that have advanced or other features can cost more.

  • Long-Term Durability of Home EV Chargers in Ireland

The product must be built to last for many years. It should be weatherproof, particularly if you're planning to put it outdoors.

There are a lot of businesses, including start-ups that make home EV chargers in Ireland but not all offer top-quality items. You should select the charger that is made by a trusted company - one that is known for its reliable and long-lasting charge controllers. Search online to discover which chargers are reliable and safe when buying an EV charger.

  • Power Delivery

It is essential to select an electric charger that is amp or current suitable for your car's capabilities when buying an EV charger.

In Ireland, the standard home chargers offered are usually 16Amps which provide 3.6kW, and 32Amps which deliver 7.4kW.

It is recommended to get an electric charger that can output 7.4 kW, regardless of whether your vehicle is powered by a lower inverter. So, you won't be required to upgrade within the next few years when you decide to purchase an electric vehicle with more power output.

  • Safety-Certified and backed by a 3-Year Guarantee

There is a wide selection of EV charging devices that are available on the internet today. Most of them are cheap, low-quality models that aren't safety-certified and have very brief warranties.

Make sure you know the warranty and support options for the home charger when buying an EV charger. The provider you choose will determine the warranty for chargers can be from 1 year to three years. Highly respected home EV chargers in Ireland offer a minimum guarantee of two years.

What are the Best Home Car Chargers on the Market?

  • Wallbox Charging Cable

Wallbox Pulsar and Pulsar Plus chargers are designed to provide smart EV charging, with powerful power and a tiny footprint. This Pulsar range is great for home use. With its compact and minimalist style, it is a perfect fit in any garage and comes with many choices through the myWallbox application.

You can control your charger via the myWallbox application. This lets you track the state of your charger, and control it from wherever you are you are. You can schedule your charging to when it is the most economical to use energy and check your status in real-time and safeguard your charger from being harmed by blocking the use of your charger that is not intended for it.

  • Myenergi Zappi Home EV Charger

This is one of the best home car chargers in Ireland. It's a device with a smart function that acts as a regular charger but also suggests alternative modes to utilize renewable energy from Solar PV and wind energy. ZappiEV Charger is easy to use and easy to set up.

  • EO Mini Pro 2

It's possibly the most compact charger on the market. It supports solar charging as well as power balancing in order to not overload your electric supply. There's an EO app that allows remote monitoring and controlling your EV charging.

  • Andersen A2 Charger

Its stylish and intelligent EV charging station works with every plug-in electric and hybrid vehicle. In addition, its trademark feature of a cable is integrated to keep the charging plug and cable out of sight when it is not in use.

With its intelligent connectivity, unparalleled aesthetics, and revolutionary technology, Andersen A2 gives you the ability to regulate the energy flow between your home and electric vehicle as well as solar panels.

  • ChargePoint Home Charger

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of public charging has probably encountered the ChargePoint Home Charger which is one of the best home car chargers. There are plug-in and hardwired versions. You can manage it remotely via the Alexa device. The app lets you set reminders, and schedule charging whenever electricity is at its lowest.

How do I Get the Home EV Charger €600 SEAI Grant?

You can claim up to €600 towards the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle home charger unit. It is a government-funded support scheme to assist homeowners to install an electric vehicle charge point on their property. The scheme provides a grant up to the value of €600 towards the purchase and installation of a home charger unit. The applicant must be the owner of an eligible new or second-hand electric vehicle (EV).For further information on the SEAI grant check out our FAQs below or contact us now.

Ireland’s Leading EV Car Charger Installation Experts

Ecoplex is a leading provider and installer of electric vehicle charging stations in Ireland. Installations start at just €500, which includes SEAI's EV charger grant. They include a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Ecoplex's team at Ecoplex has years of experience installing charging points for electric vehicles. We are certified to install commercial, domestic, and work-related charging solutions to the most high-quality standards. At Ecoplex, we will be together with you through the entire process. We'll help you understand the grant options available to you and assist you in the process of completing paperwork, and installing your electric vehicle charger, and offer maintenance if there are issues.

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