Electric Car Charging Stations in Kildare: Everything You Need to Know

it's important to know about all of the E-Car charging stations in Kildare. In this blog post, we'll tell you everything you need to know about these stations!

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular and with good reason! They're environmentally friendly, economical, and fun to drive. As the number of electric cars grows, so does the need for places to charge them. That's why it's important to know about all of the E-car charging stations in Kildare. In this blog post, we'll tell you everything you need to know about these stations!

Status of Electric Vehicles in Kildare County

A total range of 451 electric cars (EVs) was sold in Kildare in 2021 as per current figures available.Kildare saw a greater than the average number of people who chose the sustainable method of transportation.Brian Cooke, director-general of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI), said that sales of Electric Vehicles (EVs) hugely doubled in 2021. Furthermore, by purchasing EVs backed by SEAI grants, Ireland could witness an increase in the number of brand newly-built EVs on Irish roads by 2022.This is a great development for the environment and for people looking to save money on fuel costs.

Availability of Car Charging Points in Ireland

As of now, Ireland requires 100 fast-charging points to charge electric cars in the next eight years if the carbon emissions target of the government is to be fulfilled. There are currently only 1,900 fast charging points across the State.According to experts from the Irish automotive industry, a massive investment in charging infrastructure and incentives is required by the Irish Government to meet its goal of having a million electrified vehicles (EVs) on the streets in 2030.To have one million electrified vehicles on Irish roads by 2030, the government needs to invest in charging infrastructure and incentives. Currently, there are only 1900 fast-charging points across the state.

Location of Electric Car Charging Stations in Kildare

There are several E-car charging stations in Kildare which include Naas North Leisure Centre, Maynooth University Campus, Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Kildare Village Outlet, Kilkenny Shop Naas, Johnstown Garden Centre, Kill, Kilcullen, Newbridge, Athy, Clane, Celbridge, Leixlip, Straffan, and Monasterevin. PlugShare also helps on how to find E-car charging stations in Kildare. It provides numerous E-car charging stations in Kildare through Google Maps. Here are some details and locations of Electric Car Charging Stations in Kildare:

  1. Kildare Village - Junction 13, M7

There are 4 x 22kW plugs available that are free to use. There are also more chargers in a nearby multi-story car park as a separate PlugShare entry.

  1. Tesco Superstore - Monasterevin Rd

There are 2 x 22kW AC ESB electric cars available here. parking is free at this charging point but payment is required which is approximately 27c/kWh.

  1. Kildare Village Car Park - R415, Kildare, Ireland

This is the ground floor of a multi-story car park that provides 14 x Type 2 plugs (7kW, not 22kW). Nearby chargers (separate PlugShare entry) are 22kW.

  1. Kildare Town Library - Apartment 2, Millway House, Bangup Ln

This charging point offers four plugs for Type and requires a €3 per hour payment.

  1. Kildare House Hotel - Dublin Rd

This charging point provides two plugs for Wall (BS1363) and requires payment.

  1. Lidl - 20 Magee Terrace

Available for customers only, Lidl offers two Type 2 EasyGo chargers.

  1. Kildare Primary Care Centre - Curragh Rd, Kildare, Co.

This Dual Plug 22kW public charge point requires the "GEV TopUP" app to activate and pay. This EV parking requires a €0.32/kWh payment.

  1. Newbridge Railway Station - Station Road, Newbridge

As part of the ESB Network, this charging station offers two plugs for Type 2 ESB and requires a payment of 26.8c/kWh.

  1. Newbridge Retail Park - Athgarvan Road, Newbridge

This electric car charging station in Kildare has two plugs for Type 2 with a payment requirement of 0.62/kWh.

  1. Aldi Newbridge - Curradoon, 7 Arconagh, Newbridge Road, Naas West, Naas

Aldi Newbridge provides 4x EV Chargers. No application is needed.At present, there is an uncompleted list of all EV charging points in Ireland. There are two apps that provide the locations of E-car charging stations in Kildare. ESB Connect and GoCharge Apps cover the majority of them, providing real-time availability and management of your account while you travel. These two apps help Irish people how to find E-car charging stations in Kildare

Commercial Installation of EV Car Chargers in Kildare

Management of E-car charging stations in Kildare is a great business opportunity. If the increasing number of charging stations takes place, the possibility to establish and operate an entire charging station management is an amazing business move. The E-car charging station market is still in a developing stage and many new entrants are likely to emerge in the coming years.If you are considering the installation of Electric Car Charging Stations in Commercial Offices, EcoPlex is one of the best providers of top-quality Commercial Installation of EV Car Chargers in Kildare. EcoPlex offers solutions to charge your car at the office so you can concentrate on the important things and not worry about not being able to use your electric vehicle.We pride ourselves on providing consultation regarding the installation and regular maintenance of the services we provide. We will always give the most cost-effective advice and impartial guidance for your budget and your company.Smart charge stations we install will track the energy usage of your staff. These stations can also provide digital reports weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annually.

ACA (TAX INCENTIVE SCHEME FOR BUSINESSES) - Commercial Installation of EV Car Chargers in Kildare

The Accelerated Capital Allowance tax is an incentive program that encourages businesses to invest in technology that saves energy. It is a tax incentive scheme that ACA is based on the existing Capital Allowance for machinery and plant and only applies to equipment that is energy efficient, such as E-car charging stations in Kildare.ACA is based on the "Wear and Tear Allowance" for capital plant and machinery investment, wherein capital depreciation is refunded by reducing an organization's tax obligation.The grant permits businesses to lower the cost of equipment by subtracting their profits during the year that they purchased the equipment. It is the tax savings granted by the government in the year that is 12.5% of the present cost of capital expenditure.For more information about ACA, look up the FAQs listed below. Click here for more information.

EcoPlex As Your Partner for E-car Charging Stations in Kildare

As more and more people are making the switch to electric cars, the need for reliable and convenient charging stations is becoming increasingly important. Here in Kildare, we are lucky to have several great options when it comes to e-car charging stations.EcoPlex is one of the leading providers of E-car charging stations in Kildare. We offer a wide range of options to suit all budgets and needs, and our team is always on hand to provide expert advice and support.If you are considering Commercial Installation of EV Car Chargers in Kildare, we have the perfect e-car charging station for you. See what our customers have to say and know more about our quality service through their genuine reviews.Contact us today to schedule a free consultation! We'll be happy to answer any questions you have about E-car charging stations in Kildare, and help you find the perfect charging solution for your needs.

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