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We are now living in a world that is consuming more energy than it can produce, and hence, green energy has become more of an essential than a priority. One such green energy source that has stood out is solar panels. Solar panels generate electricity by collecting the energy of the sun.

The decision on whether to invest in solar panels is not a small one. There exist many factors that need to be considered before making that purchase decision. Through this article, we will touch on the basics of solar panels and aim to answer some of the common questions so that you can reach the right decision on whether solar panels are worth investing in.

Solar Panels Ireland

So, how do solar panels in Ireland produce energy?

Well, they harness the sun’s power so you can generate clean energy. This means that you can have the electricity you need without the negative side effects that come with other energy production methods, such as burning fossil fuels that let off harmful gasses.

On top of that, any extra watts your solar panel system produces is sent to your utility grid to provide clean energy to the city. Your system automatically exports your excess power to the public power grid, which means you may become eligible to receive credits for all that extra power your solar energy system generates. It could also mean you’ll see a lower average power bill from your current energy provider.

What Are the Different Typesof Solar Panels Available?

There are two main types of solar panels: Solar PV and Solar thermals:

Solar PV:

A process introduced in the 1800s that has ever since undergone a drastic change with it being used for domestic and commercial purposes. Solar PV converts sunlight into electricity with the help of solar panels.


Provides clean and sustainable energy for a period of 30 years.

Availability of government incentives and rebates.

Excess power produced can be sold off to local power companies.

Help increase the overall value of your home.

Solar thermals:

Solar panels and solar thermals are two very distinct technologies. Solar thermals use the energy from the sun to heat water in your homes. Solar thermals can help provide free heated water, which will help save you a lot on electric bills, especially during the winters.


The best mode of heating water.

Low maintenance.

Help reduce carbon footprint.

How Solar Panels Work

Our sun is the originator of almost all energy on the planet, and by using solar panels, you’re simply cutting out the “middle-men.
”The photovoltaic effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon where voltage and electrical current are created from exposure to light.

Each solar panel contains photovoltaic (PV) cells. These cells convert photons into solar electricity by producing a direct current when sunlight hits the panels. But this is only the beginning. DC electricity can’t simply power your home. Some systems have one inverter for the entire setup or a microinverter for every panel. Either way, these inverters convert that direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) to power your home.

Your newly generated electricity then runs through your net meter to power your appliances. It functions just like electricity would from your utility, but without all of the negative side effects on the environment. Even so, you’ll still be connected to the local grid so you can automatically use traditional power should the need arise.

Staying connected to the grid comes with a few advantages, such as potential to share your clean energy and, if you don’t have a solar battery, tapping into traditional energy sources once the sun goes down. You might even be given a credit from your utility for sending your extra power to the grid.

What Are the Benefits
of Solar Panels?

Why invest in solar panels? Solar panels provide a host of benefits such as:



One of the main advantages of using solar panels. Solar panels provide the opportunity to power your own home without the dependence on the electrical grid. Therefore, saving you a lot on electric bills.


Complete source
of renewable energy:

Solar is an infinite source of power and can be harnessed anywhere in the world. Also, solar helps to reduce your carbon footprint by a significant margin.


Helps increase the value of your home:

Having solar panels installed in your home can be a great benefit with regards to property value if and when you decide to sell your home down the line.


Helps increase the value of your home:

If you live in an area with frequent power outages, solar energy is the answer for you. By going solar, you will be entirely reliant on the electricity produced by the solar panels.

Want to know more? We provide a detailed guide to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of solar panels in Ireland.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Solar Panels in Ireland?

The cost of solar panels comes down to the amount of power you require for your home/business. Furthermore, the solar installers need to conduct site visits to understand the number of solar panels your home requires and determine whether the structure can house solar panels. In addition, before investing in solar panels, you need to figure how much you can save. Therefore, to evaluate the savings, you will need to assess your electric bill, estimate sunlight exposure and consider solar PV costs.

The average cost of solar panel installation in Ireland is between €6,000 and €17,000. This sum will depend entirely on the factors of your home specifically. Factors such as roof area and aspect will be key in defining cost. The SEAI Grant can help you save up to €2,100 on your solar panel installation. Contact us for more information on your eligibility.

Are There Grants Available for Solar Panels in Ireland?

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Are Solar Panels Worth It in Ireland?

When we think of solar panels in Ireland, it’s pretty reasonable to assume that they might take longer to return your investment due to our weather being overcast most of the year. While solar PV needs sunlight to produce energy, it’s essential to know how cloudy conditions can affect the efficiency of solar energy generation and how factors such as partial shade can impact your solar system output.

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Are Solar Panels Worth It in Ireland?

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What Are the Benefits
of Solar Panels?

Why invest in solar panels? Solar panels provide a host of benefits such as:

Do You Need Planning Permission for Solar Panels in Ireland?

Generally speaking, no, you do not need planning permission for a solar system in Ireland. This applies when solar panels take up less than 12 square metres of room space (or less than 50% of total roof area.). This is roughly the size of a 6 panel system. At EcoPlex, we guide you on the planning process. Our free site survey will determine the specifics of your solar panel installation. For more information see citizens information.

Solar Panel

Solar panel installation can be done either by a professional or can be self-installed. However, it is always recommended to always seek professional help when it comes to solar panel installation. At Ecoplex we install the highest quality solar panels, equipment and hardware.

One of the common dilemmas faced by a homeowner is whether a new roof has to be installed to house the solar panels. Well, if the roof is old, you may need to change the roof because the panels would not have the required structure to support the weight.

Read our step by step guide about solar panel installation.

What is the Lifespan of Solar Panels?

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Do Solar Panels Need Maintenance?

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